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While the 42 isn’t listed as a Gen4 gun, you’d expect it to borrow heavily from GLOCK’s latest design features and it does.No, there aren’t any interchangeable backstraps here.Caliber carping aside, some will quibble that it’s on the large side for a 6 1 .380.Others will look at the the mags and wonder why they couldn’t have crammed at least one more round in there somehow.With their oh-so-sly teaser ad campaign and the fact that it seemed like GLOCK hadn’t introduced a new gun since late in the first Clinton administration, the company did a marvelous job of whipping up loads of interest and anticipation for their new gun.

And for just about all of them, the G42 will be an excellent choice.And unlike some of its similarly-chambered competitors, being a GLOCK, it ships from the factory with a reputation for quality and reliability.Two rather important features everyone wants in their carry gun, no matter the caliber. It looks kinda like they tossed a G19 in a dryer, turned it up to eleven and shrunk the hell out of it.If your paw is too big to wrap around a 42, you’ll probably be happier with a 26, which is about the same size but significantly wider.The US-made .380 is a hair under six inches from stem to stern, a little over four inches high and .94 inches wide, but that’s at the slide stop. The 42 has Gen4-ish texturing, but it’s not nearly as rough as the bumps found on its bigger brothers.

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