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" India's Parthian Colony - On the origin of the Pallava Empire of Dravidia -Dr.

Samar Abbas, 2003 "The Pallava Empire was the largest and most powerful South Asian state in its time, ranking as one of the glorious empires of world history.

Tiruchirappalli in the geographic center of the state is an important educational center in Tamil Nadu and home to the Indian Institute of Management (IIMT), the Indian Institute of Information Technology (IIIT) and the National Institute of Technology (NITT).

Tiruppur, a major textile and knit wear hub contributing to 90% of total cotton knit wear exports from India.

Economy Agriculture is the major occupation in Tamil Nadu.

The principal food crops include paddy, millets and pulses.

creates the mode of consciousness and this can in a historical perspective become an indicator of national consciousness...

In fact consciousness of the literary heritage was a cause and an index of Tamilian nationality consciousness...

Ramanathaswamy Temple, the 1000 pillars of the Great Corridor, Rameswaram island.

The state covers an area of 130,060 km², making it slightly smaller than Greece, or somewhat larger than the US state of Mississippi.

Population Largest city and capital of Tamil Nadu is Chennai (formerly known as Madras), a seaport on the Coromandel Coast.

Domestic houses and other smaller buildings of the ordinary people reflect the soul of the common man's culture, as these building types had evolved in the respective communities for longer periods through trial and error and generally retain the basic characteristics unchanged for longer time .

The above characteristics make these buildings as potential sources for information relevant to longer period back in history...

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