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Welcome to No Holds Barred Helmets are recommended for beginners The asker of the unanswered question wins NO SPAMMING!!No more than five new threads a day No trash talking about members and their kids No porn, or links to porn No gore pictures No cursing, cussing, swearing, or other bad language in thread titles No, 'outting' of members or their families; names, addresses, phone numbers, SSNs, etc. As one myself (who, yes, had Samantha and Felicity), this hilarious throwback sketch is too good and way too accurate.Between Kirsten's cluelessness and Swedish accent, the zingers against Kit, Samantha's suffragette outbursts, and the gang's inside jokes — it's a nostalgic kick in the pants. “Jeff was closer to me than any uncle I have, a runner up for ‘dad’ or ‘grandpa’ if this makes sense,” she wrote to the judge.“But Jeff broke that bond/trust and left me feeling betrayed, emotionally and sexually abused, taken advantage of, and made my personal growth a difficult one that I have struggled with for several years.”The stress drove her to an eating disorder by the time she was in seventh grade.

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I could almost shed tears as I hear the Brigadier nod approval to what the light arrogant minister was telling a Brigadier. I recall Major Chukwuma Nzeogwu telling his colleagues to bomb the Sardauna residence in Kaduna with himself inside if for any reason he met a resistance he could not overcome in going there to arrest or to kill the Premier. Colonel Adekunle Fajuyi telling Theophillus Danjuma he would have to kill him (Fajuyi) first before he would allow him to take away General Aguiyi Ironsi from his official residence at Agodi, Ibadan.I was always lucky to have served under the best Nigerian Public servants like Permanent Secretary Yusuf Gobir from Ilorin, P. He came there on the orders of the Commander-in- Chief to take out Governor Kayode Fayemi of the APC and to deliver Ekiti back to the PDP by force and by fire The garrulous Ayo Fayose at one point in the audio conversation actually reminded Brigadier Momoh to listen carefully as he had the authority of President Jonathan to assume the role of commander-in-chief for the Ekiti operation.Musiliu Obanikoro reminded Brigadier Momoh that his promotion to a 4 star General in the Nigerian Army was going to depend on his recommendation as the Minister of Defense.Compare Nzeogwu or Fajuyi to Aliyu Momoh, then you will know what I am talking about that the Nigerian Army is nothing to write home about today.Musliu Obanikoro, for a brief moment, spoke like late Samuel Ladoke Akintola who reminded the Yorubas that the 1964 election in the old Western Region was a "fait accompli" for his new Democratic Party because "A ti t e Oje bo Baba Olorisa lowo o ku baba eni ti o bo" meaning the power to do anything he wanted in the election has been conferred on him (Akintola) by the powers that be in Nigeria, He swore that nobody can take that power away from him.

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