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A friend refers her to seek out a certain hero of the day, but she has no idea what she is getting into. But when Allison’s parents insist on an 18th birthday party, Allison finds some very special party invitations..things quickly get out of hand as Allison’s and her friends’ ideas about chastity start to change...

The War with Humanity ebbed and flowed, at times the Humans even thought they were winning.

As the virus spreads, the infected become increasingly aroused, and release irresistible pheromones that ensnare those trying to escape it.

As the news breaks around the world of how bad things are getting, one group of friends, all home for the holidays, hole up in a mansion and hope they can hold out…Paper Doll, aka Claire Watson, meets with Dr.

Can Paper Doll triumph, or will this new adversary leave her out cold? Ginny goes to a dinner party at Jim’s with her boyfriend. The next day Ginny returns to Jim’s house and finds she was hypnotized to do much more than she first realized.

After an encounter with a group of bike thieves goes wrong, Paper Doll decides to seek training under another more established crime fighter. Allison and her friends are good girls—they do well in school and are card carrying members of the chastity club.

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Would you ignore the warnings on the label that say that the item you just bought will completely erase who you are and leave you as an empty husk of a person? Two professional women, ex college roommates, now a doctor and a lawyer are caught up in a criminal’s desire for revenge.But one hero has a very different plan for halting the Broot’s unstoppable fury…On a shopping date, Sumner and her daughter are accosted by a man without qualities, and their world shifts.How can Sumner win a game that keeps changing, not just its own rules but the people forced to play it?Belle can’t wait for the college shuttle she’s on to arrive back at her dorm’s stop, her boyfriend is waiting for her and she’s certain he intends to pop the big question.Unfortunately a fellow bus rider has chosen her bus as the opportunity to help the passengers re-think their lives.

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