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The Nu Get Package Manager should deploy compatible versions of dependent libraries, but it's best to make sure the default page for the application; the Cordova native application loads the page as the app's main screen when a Cordova application launches.In this post, we’ll run the rule over some of the best plugins to help you turn your Word Press website into a mobile app.But before we begin, let’s quickly take a look at how you can determine whether you need a mobile app for your site and whether or not your site is mobile app ready.At the time of this writing, j Query Mobile version 1.4.5 is compatible with j Query version 1.8 through 1.11.In the steps that follow, be sure you install compatible versions of both frameworks.Before we start coding the application, lets take a look at the project structure created by Visual Studio Tools for Apache Cordova.The following figure shows the project folder structure and files for the newly created Apache Cordova project.

Before starting the following steps, point your browser of choice to the j Query Mobile download site to note which version of the j Query library is compatible with the current shipping release of j Query Mobile.The sections that follow will describe the folders and files included in the project.The project's folder contains the web application content files for the Cordova application, so most of your development will occur inside this folder.To create the application's UI, we'll add content to this file.Even if your Word Press website is mobile-first and responsive, you could still be missing out on a huge chunk of traffic by not offering your visitors a mobile app, and the smooth user experience that comes with it.

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