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The guidance directs universities to balance being as supportive as possible to the student who has experienced the incident while being fair to the person who is reported and honoring their right to due process. announced Israel’s foreign ministry on June 4, 2010.It also prohibits discrimination based on gender identity and sexual orientation, which is important for students who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT).Support of LGBT students is critical because a national campus climate survey conducted by the Association of American Universities found LGBT students face an increased risk of sexual assault.

Erdogan, who initially threatened to attach an escort of Turkish warships to accompany the Gaza-bound Rachel Corrie Ship, never made good on his threat.Of pressure from NATO and the EU we cannot be certain of, although it is most likely, both being intimately tied to Zionist interests.But, we be sure that the “Donmeh Jews,” that is, “Crypto Jews,” who run Turkey’s military, put the brakes on Erdogan’s anti-Israel rhetoric.Although of late, Turkey’s civil-military relationship is strained, the Jewish-run Turkish military remains in control.Thus, Prime Minister Erdogan, while championing the Islamic cause, being hailed as “the new hero of the Islamic world,” must keep looking over his shoulder lest he find his body thrown into a Turkish ditch.

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