Dating exes

towers over 5'2" Bonet, even with the added benefit of high heels. Bonet and Momoa, who have two children together, have been dating since 2005, and married in 2007.

It is unclear whether the two were at eye level when Momoa got down on one knee, but that is how we're choosing to picture it.

Sometimes it even results in Divorce Is Temporary, though this is less common in more realistic works and those aimed at children due to being a Family-Unfriendly Aesop ("wish hard enough and your parents will get back together! Can apply to non divorced former couples as well, thus the name.

If someone's current and former squeeze get along well with each other, it's The Missus and the Ex.

Both parties also generally agree that it was for the best for both of them.

It's also pretty common for couples who broke up because of Incompatible Orientation or who were each other's Last Het Romance to end up this way.

From best to worst, she said Mayer, Bloom and then Diplo.

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Jennifer wasn't around -- probably less drama that way -- but she was the hot topic. The two split for good in 2016 after dating on and off for three years.We’re all too familiar with the nationwide hurt that follows a bitter celebrity breakup. Biebs and Selena, T-Swift and Calvin Harris, and the late, great Brangelina—America has borne witness to a great deal of bad blood.Rachel Lindsay musta been one helluva 'Bachelorette' -- 'cause she can be with her fiance and her exes from the show in one room ... Rachel and her hubby-to-be, Bryan Abasolo, celebrated their engagement in Miami Beach Saturday night at a little place called Bodega Taqueria y Tequila ...with 3 other contestants from her season tagging along for the ride.

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