Dating ediquit

If someone asks you a question and you have to chew for 15 seconds before you're ready to answer, you've taken too big a bite.

Follow Marie Claire on Facebook for the latest celeb news, beauty tips, fascinating reads, livestream video, and more.Instead of writing, "Based in Manhattan, looking for love, love to travel," say: "Living in NYC, looking for a partner-in-crime to hit every item on our travel bucket list." Avoid the weather. No politics, no religion, no sex, no vices, and don't talk about money. So here's where Meier's formal etiquette training really begins to shine.I'll just go through this stuff at lightning speed because it's interesting even though it has zero impact on whether you land the love of your life.Sauces go on the bottom right corner of your plate; discards, such as olive pits or stems, in the top left. If you were invited to the shindig, it's still polite to *offer* to split the bill. Meier says you can simply "reach" for your wallet when the bill arrives, but you don't need to verbally suggest you go Dutch.If your date gets something stuck in his or her tooth, you're supposed to let them know right away, rather than have him or her discover it hours later in the bathroom. You should never offer to split the check if you can't actually afford it.

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