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She wants love wherever she can get it, and she is so desperate to have it that she literally gets in her own way. She consistently puts herself in the wrong place at the wrong time.And there’s a lot of karma hitting her in the face for all her past misdeeds."The decision shocked fans due to the timing, considering Nicole's storyline has been on the front burner.The teacher’s name is Stephen Book and he’s a really, really tough teacher, and that’s what I love...'" The class has worked.Zucker has been touted as one of the best actresses on the show.Nicole has been through a life not fully rewarded by some of your standards, but I have also been able to connect with you on personal levels.Although nothing is ever permanent and I never like to say never, it is bye for now.

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I think she really would kill Eric if she got the chance.

Thank you Van Halen and Sammy for helping me fulfill my dreams."has learned that Zucker told Soap Digest she was contemplating leaving 2 years ago.

"Not having a full-blown storyline," she admits, did factor into her decision.

Nicole has no family members, none that have stuck around anyway.

She’s not really connected to anybody in town, and that says a lot about how much loss and disappointment the character has been through.

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