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Recently, we have also finished our 2nd project together which was basically split in 2 separate projects.

First building a swimming pool with terraces on 2 levels and after that creating a stunning and well balanced garden with Michela Ceccarelli, suggested by Andrea. This year we will start finalizing the initial plans for our 3rd project.

From that moment on tasks will be divided between the various members of our group to ensure smooth logistics and excellent work.

Throughout the process Andrea remains the center of all activities, the main contact for all communication with the client and responsible for the progress.

” Margo & Antonino Holland Margo & Antonio Holland “Back in 2011 we bought out little 2 house farm in the middle of Umbria, near Todi.

A very small 2 story (ware)house and a slightly bigger 2 story typical Umbrian style farm, below barns and upstairs a living area.

He is accurate, resourceful and quick when solutions must be invented, able as an architect and he has an eye for the details that ultimately makes the difference between a typical house and a fantastic house.

We advise anyone with a construction project (certainly all foreigners) to have your construction supervision carried out by Andrea Brunetti – you will very easily earn back the costs!

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After a thorough selection process we ended up contracting Andrea for our multi-year renovation plan, split in 3 different projects; 1. updating and re-arranging our garden/oliveto (including swimming pool), and; 3. We finished the 1st project well within the agreed timelines and according to our standards.

We have been brainstorming with Andrea over the last years and several plans have been assessed and dismissed or accepted.

Anyway, it has been and it still is an amazing journey in building our dream.

If things fail, Andrea is always available to make sure there are last minute solutions. Saluti Bas & Janne-Marije Holland “In 2007 we bought a ruin in Umbria. Through the real estate agency we came into contact with geometra Andrea Brunetti and Caroline, who had already completed several restoration projects.

After seeing some of these projects we decided to teamed up, exciting! And how “Italian” will it be, will the agreements be honored, will they finish on time ? The collaboration and realization of the project went, however, very well.

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