Adventure time jake explains dating website

“It was a gradual burn and grew into a realization that this was indeed a massive epic that could be made into a pop culture powerhouse,” the former staffer added.

Viewed in one sitting, it amounts to a feature-length journey, in which Finn and Jake join forces with the monosyllabic underground dweller Susan on a revelatory journey to find Finn’s mother — not to mention all the other humans mysteriously absent from the Land of Ooo, where Finn spends most of his time with various fantastical creatures.

He’s the son of a doctor and a con man trying to figure stuff out in a colorful magical land.” For much of its run, “Adventure Time” has dedicated a handful of episodes to this type of world-building, in between bottle episodes showcasing its unique storybook quality.

Last fall, the “Stakes” story arc gave one of the show’s most popular female characters, Marceline the Vampire Queen, an opportunity to make peace with her undead status.

Not since “The Simpsons” has a major network supported such a peculiar combination and gotten away with it for so long.

However, according to multiple sources who worked on the show over the years, Cartoon Network never knew quite how to handle the way “Adventure Time” took off.

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